7 Vows to Make to Yourself
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7 Vows to Make to Yourself

1. I will fall in love with myself every single day

Even on off-days when nothing seems to be going right, I will continue to love me and treat myself with kind thoughts and words. I will treat my mind and my body well as the one home that I will forever occupy. I will accept the person who I am and revel in it. I will require that same love and respect from individuals in my life.

2. I will be honest with myself

I will not lie to myself nor make excuses for not pursuing and reaching my goals, but rather seek to understand my thoughts, desires, and needs to ultimately address my fears.

3. I will never settle for less than I deserve

In love, in relationships, in goals, and in life. I will seek to never say that something is “good enough”, but will work hard and gain resilience to reach where I want and need to be.

4. I will go easy on myself

Not everything is going to work out the way I want it to and that is okay. I may fail over and over and over again, but I will not beat myself up or give up. I will keep going and encourage myself because even the best have failed more times than others have tried.

5. I will strive to be the best me that I can be

Not in the essence of the attention, wealth, and beauty I may manifest – but rather, I will strive to be a person of values, compassion, and optimism.

6. I will take care of myself first

Mentally, emotionally, physically, etc. I will not be able to help others to the best of my abilities if I am not well myself. Therefore, I will focus on maintaining my own self-care first so I am in the best shape to offer my help to others.

7. I will always have faith in myself and remember that I am capable of so much

What vows do you wish to make to yourself?

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