The List
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Read our list to discover the goals we are working to complete. Hopefully this list brings some inspiration to creating your own! Visit out blog to read about completed goals.
  1. Ride a hot air balloon
  2. Kite surf
  3. Graduate college
  4. Own a business
  5. Sail a boat
  6. Write a book
  7. Create a new product
  8. Learn to play an instrument
  9. Get a tattoo
  10. Let go of floating lanterns
  11. Design dream home
  12. Be apart of building it
  13. Technology fast for 1 week
  14. Go to a drive-in movie theater
  15. Go backpacking
  16. Learn survival skills and train like a boy scout
  17. Learn self-defense training
  18. Try kickboxing
  19. Go dog sledding
  20. See the Northern Lights
  21. Help a stranger reach a goal
  22. Paint & Sip
  23. Start a garden
  24. Learn to catch my own food
  25. Give a present to a stranger
  26. Feed a giraffe
  27. Try snowboarding
  28. Learn to surf
  29. Move to the beach
  30. Go rope swinging
  31. Gain correct posture
  32. Do the Warrior Dash
  33. Do a Zombie Run
  34. See Ellen live
  35. Go to “Price is Right”
  36. Go ziplining
  37. Learn cinematography
  38. Learn archery
  39. Do a triatholon
  40. Take a karate class
  41. Visit all 50 US states
  42. Start an important cause
  43. Put a lock on a love lock bridge with someone I love
  44. Take an acrobatics class
  45. Go orienteering/learn to navigate
  46. Backpack Europe
  47. Study abroad
  48. Make a time capsule to open later
  49. Write a letter of appreciation to someone who inspires me
  50. Learn to finance
  51. Visit the Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  52. See a Broadway show in New York
  53. Go zorbing
  54. Play bubble soccer
  55. Learn basic car maintenance
  56. Audition for a dance job
  57. Finish the Harry Potter series
  58. Write an article for a major publication
  59. Upcycle
  60. Go on a safari
  61. Visit Chernobyl
  62. Build a soapbox and race it
  63. Rent a treehouse
  64. Make an important motivational speech
  65. Ride a gondola
  66. Learn a new language
  67. Buy a meal for a stranger
  68. See Two Door Cinema Club live
  69. Scuba dive
  70. Go on a cruise
  71. Fly a plane
  72. Climb a mountain
  73. See an event in New York City (i.e. tree lighting)
  74. Try parkour
  75. Adopt
  76. Do hot yoga
  77. Move to a new state
  78. Be part of a public dance
  79. Beat a world record
  80. Celebrate a holiday for its true meaning
  81. Jet ski
  82. Cut a ribbon at a grand opening
  83. Help solve a crime
  84. Swim with sharks
  85. Disaster prep
  86. Ride in a helicopter
  87. Ride a tandem bicycle
  88. Go to Voo Doo Doughnuts
  89. Dance at Millenium
  90. Visit the Golden Nugget slide
  91. Go mountaineering
  92. Kayak the San Juan Islands
  93. Go spearfishing
  94. Go on a great roadtrip
  95. Win a big-time contest/raffle
  96. Make my own ice cream flavor
  97. Go logrolling
  98. Make a foam pit
  99. Go ballroom dancing
  100. Ride a dune buggy
  101. Go white water rafting
  102. Run a blog
  103. Try tap dancing and audition for the Rockettes
  104. Be in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade
  105. Learn to sew
  106. Design clothes/accessories and sell them
  107. Go mudding
  108. Go to Cirque du Soleil
  109. Go legit rock climbing
  110. Make all handmade gifts for a holiday
  111. Face fear and go to a real Haunted House
  112. Go sky diving
  113. Experience 0 gravity
  114. Go hang-gliding/paragliding
  115. Go paddleboarding
  116. Find what makes me most happy and do more of it
  117. See Burning Man
  118. Go to a music festival
  119. Go to a rave
  120. Visit Santa Monica Pier
  121. Be in two places at once
  122. Go spelunking
  123. Be “on top of the world” OR “hold up the world”… or both!
  124. Take a picture of the same place each month and make a calendar
  125. Visit Giraffe Manor
  126. Go to more museums
  127. Read more books
  128. Try out for Sea Gals
  129. See a Seahawks game
  130. Visit Bora Bora, Maldives, Santorini, Geithoorn…. TRAVEL!
  131. Find a hobby that makes me happy – not turned into a job
  132. Give back to my family
  133. Fall in love
  134. Create a signature dish
  135. Learn a variety of cultural dishes
  136. Go to dinner with myself
  137. Preserve fruits and vegetables
  138. Meet relatives from Ireland
  139. Make my very own new kind of sandwich
  140. Learn to invest
  141. Make gourmet cupcakes
  142. Recite 10 poems from memory
  143. Host a “Favorite Things” party
  144. Create a studio
  145. Build an in-home theater
  146. Parasail
  147. Compete in a BBQ cookoff
  148. Solo travel
  149. See the 7 Wonders
  150. Dance en pointe
  151. Learn to hula
  152. Make a business plan
  153. Publish a coffee table book of photography
  154. Take a dive class
  155. Learn basic tool skills
  156. Knit chemo caps for charity
  157. Pay off student loans