November Focus

November Focus

This October presented several challenges, and this November presents several opportunities.

We all have those times when life has just got us down. The first time I was ever pulled over when driving (which should have been the only time if not for a recent dumb headlight mistake), happened to be one of those downs for me. I had been going about 15 mph over the speed limit after taking a wrong turn in a town that I should have known like the back of my hand. When the officer came over, he asked why I was shaking and 18 year old me said “because I never get in trouble”.

I was on the way to my grandmother’s funeral and was late as I had just gotten off of a shift of lifeguarding. I was heading to the dance world championship in a week, had a heavy load of schoolwork and applications, and strained back muscles from dance practices. This situation was the match in the powder barrel that let all the stress and emotion free. I broke down in tears – not just a little watery-eyed sniffling, but full-on sobbing… and never made it to the funeral.

That wasn’t the first and certainly not the last time that I allowed my stress to build up to an unmanageable level and missed out on things that I should have been a part of. But each time we have a setback we are given the opportunity to learn from it and move forward stronger than before.

Once again, my stress bubbled up in October. Therefore, my goal in November is to learn techniques to manage stress levels.

My November focus:

  • Practice mindfulness techniques by taking 3-5 minutes each day to focus on thoughts and breathing
  • Spend more time outside – go on walks and take in the fresh air
  • Stay active – attend 1-2 dance classes a week even when I don’t feel like going
  • Stretch more
  • Reconnect with old friends, make new friends

What are you focusing on this November?

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