Creating Community

Creating Community

I like to think of myself as an ambitious, determined, and driven individual. My goals are high and I aim to achieve each and every one of them. However… I’ve hit a rut. Like many ambitious, driven people, I want to do everything. And that desire to do everything can cause intense feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious, and even depressed. That is why I am starting this blog.

What do I hope this blog will offer?

My desire is to create a community. One that will not only hold myself accountable to my own goals, but will offer a form of support for one another. I know I am not alone and neither are you nor anyone else struggling with goal setting, life fulfillment, and self-care.

This whole blog thing…

My interest to start a blog is not new. I enjoy writing but have had a really hard time deciding what to write about. But sometimes you just gotta begin and see where it goes! Therefore, this blog will morph and grow, ebb and flow as time goes on, my blogging skills accrue, and an identity is formed around this site. Who knows where it will go, but for the time being the focus will be on self-care and starting fresh with goal setting.

Let’s be friends!

One of the easiest way to make friends is finding commonalities so here is a little about me:

  • My passion is dance. I’ve done hip hop, jazz, ballet, contemporary, salsa – and probably more! Currently, my main focus is on jazz funk/heels – I love the sexy, girly, sassy vibes in this style!
  • PNW born and raised. Therefore I have a thing for hiking, camping, donning too many flannels, cliche adventures, and coffee-flavored everything.
  • You will probably find me trying new activities and classes, scouring recipes, making DIY projects, or planning (insert anything that needs to be planned here)
  • Some of my struggles include student loan debt, general finances, chasing my dance ambitions along with a full-time career, and maintaining self-care.

What about you? Tell me about yourself and if we have anything in common in the comments below!

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